Tuesday, June 23rd; 7 p.m.

Live on class-cnbc, sky channel 507
streaming on dynamo academy youtube channel

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Multi-stakeholder partnerships for the common good

Business for The Common Good 2020 Conference’s topic is “Multi-Stakeholder Partnerships for the Common Good”: a shared vision and actions involving companies, national and European institutions, third sector organizations, religious initiatives, citizens, are today even more important. An extraordinary effort is fundamental to manage and overcome the actual crisis, in a long term path towards a more inclusive and sustainable economy”


Promoting social engagement, purpose and long termism in corporate culture and action

The corporate response to Covid-19; crisis and the commitment to the “S” in “ESG”

Corporate Social Investments Tools: EU Institutions as partners
The guidance of universal principles for purpose and social value creation
Foundations as enablers of change


Presenting in studio:
Mr. Andrea Cabrini, Director, Class – CNBC, Ms Serena Porcari, Chairman, Dynamo Academy

Mr. Daryl Brewster, CEO of CECP
Mr. Francesco Starace, CEO, ENEL
Mr. G.A. Toselli – Mr. Bob Moritz, PwC, CEO Italy & Global Chairman
Mr. Luca Filippone, CEO, Reale Group
Mr. Nicolas Schmit, EU Commissioner for Jobs and Social Rights
S.E. Cardinal Turkson, First Prefect of the Dicastery for the Promotion of Integral Human Development
Ms Dana Bezerra, Chairman of Heron Foundation
Mr. Qinghong Wang, Executive President & CEO, East West Philanthropy Forum
Mr. Gianluca Salvatori, General Secretary, Fondazione Italia Sociale 

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