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Corporate Engagement

Dynamo Academy offers innovative corporate team building programs based upon experiential activities inspired by Therapeutic Recreation – the theoretical and operative foundation of Dynamo Camp activities for children. Team building programs are structured around three major areas: Dynamo experience, corporate volunteering and outdoor activities.
With “off camp” programs, we bring our activities directly to companies or other venues, solving any eventual organizational or accessibility issues.

Activities and lateral thinking

We convey Dynamo social values to participants by stimulating awareness and understanding, resulting in the adoption of new behavioral approaches in the workplace and in everyday relationships. The challenge is never competitive: each goal is reached thanks to group collaboration and individual commitment.
It is possible to choose among many different activities, ranging from creative workshops (photography, video, radio, theater and clowning) to activities of a more physical nature (such as climbing, orienteering , archery and treasure hunt).
All activities are concluded with participants forming a circle and sharing their experiences and takeaways.

Corporate Volunteering

A company may decide to support Dynamo Camp by investing the time and skills of their own staff to engage in hours or days of corporate volunteering.
Volunteering activities may take many forms of intervention useful for the Camp, for example maintenance of outdoor spaces, ware house inventory and organization, preparation of decorative materials for Camp sessions. It is common practice for companies to procure items to be successively assembled during the volunteering program, doubling their impact.
The companies that choose corporate volunteering contribute to the growth of their value.
Corporate volunteering with Dynamo Academy is not just voluntary work, but rather an opportunity of learning, growth, team spirit development, employee engagement and discovery of new ways of cooperation and communication, in a context of future sustainability and sensitivity.

Outdoor activities

Dynamo Academy Outdoors offer is designed for companies seeking impactful experiences in the open air.
The Camp is suitable for limitless possibilities of event personalization. The 900 hectares of unspoiled nature of Dynamo Oasi represent the ideal venue for team competitions with more physically demanding activities like Tibetan bridge, rock climbing, kayaking and tree climbing, or for animated and logical games.
The outdoor activities create an immersive experience in a context that favors participation and enhances its effects.