Salvatore Ferragamo

35 Partecipanti

In July 2016, Ferragamo returned to visit us for a corporate volunteering session in the corporate philanthropy activities, to which the company is actively involved. On a beautiful summer day a group of volunteers, consisting of 35 people from different departments, devoted themselves with enthusiasm and passion to various activities, mostly in the open air. Giving a significant contribution to Camp’s life, they made the assumptions for a better interaction for their return to the office and created a stronger bond between employees and the company itself, based on sharing valuable values. The activities ranged from restoring the fence to library rebuilding, from cleaning minibus to upkeep the materials for activities with children.
A day of “responsible passion“, as it is defined by the company, based on the CSR logic strengthened by Dynamo context. Diving into the life of the Camp, the type of activity and their purpose, are a significant leverage in team building processes and in the development of motivation, to achieve a shared goal. Finally, at the end of the day, was conducted a debriefing, that led the analysis and reflection on the effects of the activity and how to bring them back to the daily when they came back.