200 Partecipanti

In 2015 Findomestic started a growth and training relationship with its own human resources in collaboration with Dynamo Academy, choosing to design and to implement at the Camp Training and Meeting events, while at the same time engaging in a Corporate Social Responsibility pathway, indirectly supporting Dynamo Camp project.
Every year different business departments come to the Camp for several days’ events that lead them to work on various focal points for the Banking Group and about a work approach and business life that focuses on human value. The appointment formula varies depending on the analysis and design that is being carried out during the planning phase, ranging from the Corporate Volunteering to the experience of indoor, outdoor or artistic workshops that take place at the camp, under the guidance of professional trainers accredited and the Academy staff.
“In all of our management courses we are trying to get out things that people have inside. For this reason Dynamo is exceptional. It’s magic as a place but it’s also magic because it’s full of beautiful people “Enzo Bono, Deputy General Manager Findomestic Banca Spa.

The credit institute also contributed to support the Camp through the donation of useful materials for the activities with children, including a large circus tent that was assembled by the same employees of the company during a company volunteering activity.
Finally, Findomestic chose Academy to take care of the businesses’ Family Day , which every year opens the doors of many Italian offices to the family members of the employees.
All the activities designed and built by Academy for Findomestic are characterised by the usual Dynamo approach, which emphasises on one hand the importance of values and of each person’s contribution to achieving a common purpose and, on the other, the necessity to move towards the Common Good, contextualising their daily work within an open-minded social business and employment engagement.

“Dynamo Camp engages you, carries you …”
“Dynamo Camp makes you get out of the everyday schemes …”
“Experience at Dynamo Camp Expands Sensory Capabilities …”
“Dynamo Camp is the true essence of fun, being together and solidarity …”.