130 Partecipanti

During the days before Easter, the training and team building event of the Fastweb division dealing with Companies and Public Administration was held at Dynamo Camp. 130 employees, from all over Italy, attended a two-day workshop with the aim of enhancing the team spirit and the sense of belonging< to the company.
Classroom moments were alternated with more experiential activities by introducing participants to Dynamo’s SeriousFun atmosphere and spirit.
Through a game challenge, under the control of an experienced Dynamo trainer, nine teams dealt with a series of trials related to seven different skills: teamwork, listening, communication, creative thinking, problem solving, logic, and leadership.
Between serenades, logic, coordination and construction tests, the participants successfully passed the challenges, getting at the end of each test a piece of a puzzle that included the word Build & Enjoy 2016.
The activity ended with The collective building of the puzzle as a metaphor of the company that goes on only if there is a solid and cohesive group where everyone, with their own abilities and qualities, contributes to the realisation of a common goal.
During debriefing, Dynamo trainer led to reflect on the functional and dysfunctional behaviours that emerged during the trials: Trust, loyalty, reliability and listening are some of the values that Fastweb inspires, also emerging during debrief, along with strategy, collaboration, openness, the importance of team play and creativity.

“Our presence at Dynamo was a great opportunity to reflect on how to improve our business results and I believe we succeeded in the intent. It has been an experience that has personally involved me a lot and has given me important values, which I share, “says Massimo Mancini, Fastweb’s Chief Enterprise Officer.