The Campus, which has been recently renovated, is located in the heart of the Tuscan hills, in Limestre, in the Pistoia province, an hour-drive from Florence. The location is part of a naturalistic oasis of over 900 hectares affiliated to WWF.
The Campus buildings, unique in their architecture, derive from a industrial recovery.

The premises

The Dynamo Campus boasts a covered swimming pool, stables, a climbing wall with low and high ropes, a gym and a small fitness area. New rooms and polyvalent spaces have been created in recent years. The spaces, technically equipped to meet even the most demanding needs, may be used for meetings, conventions and events.
Dynamo Academy operates in a context where sustainability, mutual trust and respect for the environment represent the fundamental values guaranteeing conservation, sharing and use of the Camp spaces. Therefore partners and clients are provided with a high-level environment where they can create an event and be part of a unique experience.READ MORE

Oasi Dynamo

Oasi Dynamo, affiliated to WWF, created in 2006 , originates from the recovery of an old hunting
reserve in the Pistoia Apennines
. Located in the heart of Tuscany in the municipality of San Marcello Piteglio, it extends for 900 hectares on a woodland at over 900 meters above sea level, where great surfaces, once cultivated with wheat and potatoes, open up and nowadays are mainly composed of meadows and pastures with equine, bovine and pig livestock.
Today the Oasis is subject of study and research by universities and local authorities, for monitoring and management of animal wildlife, including bats, nesting and wintering avifauna, and wolves.
The whole area is an ideal location for outdoor experiential training and team building events. These activities are particularly engaging and effective thanks to the unique context and the infinite solutions that it offers, especially for sporting or physical activities.


A sustainable approach

In order to guarantee the sustainability of the Campus, Academy asks all the guests to respect certain rules:
Smoking is prohibited, both inside and outside the buildings. Smoking is allowed only in designated smoking areas.
It is required to limit the use of mobile phones in common areas where it is possible to meet people attending other events or children participating in ongoing sessions.
The Campus implements waste sorting.
All guests are asked to turn off the lights, close the water, turn off the air conditioning when not needed and report malfunctions or maintenance requests.
All this helps us to keep the Campus in pristine condition.