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Corporate Philantropy

Looking beyond business means building a corporate culture oriented towards social innovation, choosing a common future and generating priceless social value. More and more companies feel the need to look beyond the development of their core businesses. This translates into the adoption of a company policy that reconciles economic and social objectives with a perspective of sensitivity and future sustainability.

Since 2010, Dynamo Academy has been offering companies a customized approach to Corporate Philanthropy for each company, depending on their specific objectives, within both the special context of the Campus in Limestre and “off camp”.

Social Education

Dynamo Academy offers advanced education and advisory programs on issues related to business for the common good, in a context of exchange and assessment based on concrete models of inspiration.
In Italy, Dynamo Academy represents an excellence in social enterprise models: its profits are entirely devolved to Dynamo Camp.
The experiential and educational activities draw inspiration from the Therapeutic Recreation model, the methodological and value-based approach underlying activities and philosophy of Dynamo Camp.
Excellence-driven education is coupled with an innovative business model oriented towards collaboration and synergy of everyone’s strengths.

Dynamo Academy’s offer includes Team Building activities as well as soft skills development programs.

CECP Local Authority

Since June 2016, Dynamo Academy has been the only Italian Country Partner of CECP (Chief Executives for Corporate Purpose), founded in 1999 by Paul Newman uniting more than 200 CEOs and top managers of large companies operating in various sectors.
The numbers of companies associated with CECP are of great impact:
• 6.2 trillion dollars in revenues
• 13 million employees
• 18.6 billion in social investment
• 18.4 trillion in assets under management

Dynamo Academy has launched, in collaboration with SDA Bocconi, Corporate Giving in Italy– the first research report on corporate donations, which provides participating companies tools to develop their corporate social strategies.

All Dynamo Academy's earnings, keeping out living expenses, support the project Dynamo and contribute to offer a better stay to the children which will be hosted during the forthcoming sessions of Dynamo Camp.

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